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Quaternary CMOS Combinational Logic Circuits
Good Characteristics and advantages of multi-valued logic (MVL) electronic systems and circuits are created great interest for its practical implementation. Expand
Quaternary Sequential Circuits
Application of multiple-valued logic(MVL) in the design of digital devices opens additional opportunities. D flip-flop is a basic sequential circuit in any logic. A 4-bit counter usingExpand
Design of High Performance Quaternary Adders
This paper presents two types of multiple-valued full adder circuits, implemented in Multiple-Valued voltage-Mode Logic (MV-VML). Expand
An Insight into the Hardware and Software Complexity of ECUs in Vehicles
We explore the possibility of Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) architecture for the integration of add-on software in ECUs. Expand
Design of Vedic IEEE 754 floating point multiplier
This paper proposes a floating point multiplier based on Vedic Urdhva - Tiryagbhyam mathematics which manages overflow, underflow and rounding. Expand
Arithmetic Operations in Multi-Valued Logic
This paper presents arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction and multiplications in Modulo-4 arithmetic, and also addition, multiplication in Galois field, using multi-valued logic (MVL). Expand
Design of high gain bulk-driven miller OTA using 180nm CMOS technology
The Operational Transconductance Amplifier is an amplifier which uses the differential input voltages and generates the output current. Expand
A Novel, Dynamic Data Dissemination [D3] Technique for Congestion Avoidance/Control in High Speed Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Rapid technological advances and innovations in the area of autonomous systems push the researchers towards autonomous networked systems with emphasis on Wireless Sensor Networks. Expand
3D Device Modeling and Assessment of Triple Gate SOI FinFET for LSTP Applications
The FinFET is a very good candidate for future VLSI due to its simple architecture and better performance when compared to SOI MOSFET. SGOI (Silicon Germanium on Insulator) Recessed Source drainExpand
The Impact of Network Topologies on the Performance of the In-Vehicle Network
In-vehicle networking provides a more efficient method for today's complex in-veh vehicle communications. Expand