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Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc and Copper Concentration In the Hair of Tobacco Smokers
In the research, the content of bioelements in the hair of individuals who reside in similar environmental conditions was spectrometrically determined with the use of AES-ICP spectrophotometer and it has been observed that in the group of elderly people, over 50 years old, there was a fall in the Content of calcium, magnesium, and iron both in smokers and non-smokers, irrespective of their sex. Expand
Aluminium, Cadmium and Lead Concentration in the Hair of Tobacco Smokers
It has been observed that, in the group of elderly people over 50 years old, there was an increase in the content of aluminium, cadmium and lead both in smokers and non-smokers, irrespective of their sex. Expand
Changes in the blood and the bone marrow picture of the Pharaoh quail (Coturnix coturnix Pharaoh) chicks as a manifestation of adaptation to postembryonal life.
Determination of the rate of adaptation of the respiratory and defence functions of the blood and bone marrow of quail chicks found enhanced haemoglobin synthesis is the mechanism adapting the bird to the rich oxygen conditions beyond the egg. Expand
Ethological defence mechanisms in insects. I. Passive defence
The review article describes the ethological defence mechanisms in insects, focusing on passive defence only on the external structure of the body of animals, concealed life, cryptic colouring and body's form, imitation of species with abilities for defence (mimicry). Expand
Influence of Drinking Water- Water- W Administered Aluminium on Morphology and Respiratory Function of Blood in Rats
Our study examined changes in the red blood system of rats under the influence of aluminium chloride administered in a physiological way with drinking water in the following doses : 0.5 g/l, 1 g/lExpand
Haematological changes in male and female pharaoh quails (Coturnix coturnix Pharaoh) after Ekatin intoxication.
In males changes in the blood appeared far earlier than in females and they underwent compensation earlier, that is, 3 weeks after intoxication the majority of the haemotological parameters reached values similar to the control. Expand
Stilbestrol as a factor modifying the toxicity of Ekatin for the Pharaoh quail (Coturnix coturnix Pharaoh). I. Young birds.
The high heterophilic leucocytosis in birds receiving stilbestrol is evidence that this hormone causes by an increased release of corticoids, hyperplasia of the granulopoietic tissue in the bone marrow and depresses the marrow barrier for heterophils. Expand