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Native-view paradigms: Multiple cultures and culture conflicts in organizations.
I would like to thank my colleagues who read an earlier draft of this paper and/or offered insights, critiques, and suggestions. In particular, I acknowledge Howard Becker, Mike Boehm, Douglas Chene,Expand
Cleveland Clinic Fire Survivorship Study, 1929-1965.
Commemorating the colonial Pilbara: beyond memorials into difficult history
The colonial Northwest of Western Australia was a harsh frontier, where demands for Aboriginal land, labour and knowledge led to dispossession, loss of rights, massacre and generations encumberedExpand
Art and Artifice: Peter Emmett's Curatorial Practice in the Hyde Park Barracks and Museum of Sydney
Emmett's approach, role and methods have neither been formally/rigorously investigated or assessed in case of the barracks in 1990 and the Museum of Sydney in 1995, and the significance of aestheticExpand
Parallel readings : Western encounters with Buddhism
The story of the nineteenth-century Western encounter with Buddhism demonstrates more about these first Western interpreters and their socio-historical context then about Buddhism. In parallel, thisExpand
The Im/possibility of Race: Raising Race in Psychotherapy
This paper explores the tension between the ethical and therapeutic imperatives when the possibility of race as a motif in the client's presentation arises in the mind of the psychotherapist. ThisExpand
How did the nineteenth-century notion of Buddhism arise? Two perspectives in parallel
Within the field, the ‘innovative’ study of Buddhism as a socio-historical phenomenon and the ‘traditional’ study of Buddhist texts and doctrine exist in an uneasy tension. In this paper this tensionExpand