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Heritabilities and phenotypic and genetic correlations for bovine postrigor calpastatin activity, intramuscular fat content, Warner-Bratzler shear force, retail product yield, and growth rate.
To estimate the heritability (h2) of postrigor calpastatin activity (CA), 555 steers were reared and processed conventionally. Breed-types included purebreds (Angus [A], Braunvieh [B], Charolais [C],Expand
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Bayesian analysis of twinning and ovulation rates using a multiple-trait threshold model and Gibbs sampling.
The Multiple-Trait Gibbs Sampler for Animal Models programs were extended to allow analysis of ordered categorical data using a Bayesian threshold model. The algorithm is based on data augmentation,Expand
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Genetic (co)variances among birth weight, 200-day weight, and postweaning gain in composites and parental breeds of beef cattle.
Genetic and environmental (co)variances for birth weight, adjusted 200-d weight, and postweaning gain were estimated in nine parental and three composite populations of beef cattle. The parentalExpand
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Genetic and environmental parameters for ovulation rate, twinning rate, and weight traits in a cattle population selected for twinning.
A project was implemented in 1981 with the objective of increasing twinning rate in cattle. Daughters of foundation sires had twin calves at a frequency of from 8 to 13%, and foundation females hadExpand
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Effects of twinning on dystocia, calf survival, calf growth, carcass traits, and cow productivity.
This paper reports results from a long-term experiment with a primary objective to increase twinning rate in cattle at the Roman L. Hruska U.S. Meat Animal Research Center. Survival of singles wasExpand
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Cumulative selection and genetic change for weaning or yearling weight or for yearling weight plus muscle score in Hereford cattle.
Selection in three lines of Hereford cattle for 1) weaning weight (WWL), 2) yearling weight (YWL), and 3) an index of yearling weight and muscle score (IXL) was studied. Remnant foundation cows andExpand
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Genetic and phenotypic (co)variances for production traits of female populations of purebred and composite beef cattle.
Least squares means, genetic and phenotypic standard deviations, and phenotypic coefficients of variation were estimated for growth, size, condition score, age at puberty, gestation length, andExpand
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