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Chemical investigation of hassium (element 108)
The periodic table provides a classification of the chemical properties of the elements. But for the heaviest elements, the transactinides, this role of the periodic table reaches its limits becauseExpand
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Chemical properties of element 106 (seaborgium)
The synthesis, via nuclear fusion reactions, of elements heavier than the actinides, allows one to probe the limits of the periodic table as a means of classifying the elements. In particular,Expand
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Rapid Communication: Aqueous Chemistry of Seaborgium (Z = 106)
Seaborgium was previously eluted from cation exchange columns like its homologs molybdenum and tungsten in 0.1 Μ HNO3/5 Χ 10" Μ HF. Its chemical form was presumably a neutral or anionic oxygenExpand
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On the decay properties of 269Hs and indications for the new nuclide 270Hs
Abstract.In bombardments of 248Cm with 143.7-146.8 MeV 26Mg ions the nuclides 269Hs and presumably 270Hs were produced. After chemical isolation, Hs atoms were identified by observing geneticallyExpand
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Gas Phase Chromatography Experiments with Bromides of Tantalum and Element 105
The retention behavior of volatile bromide molecules of shortlived isotopes of tantalum and element 105 in KCl coated quartz columns was studied using continuous isothermal gas chromatography. HBrExpand
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Chemical Properties of Element 105 in Aqueous Solution: Extractions into Diisobutylcarbinol
Studies of the extraction of element 105 into diisobutylcarbinol (DIBC) from aqueous HBr and HCl solutions wcre performed on " ^ H a and " ^ H a produced in the " ' B k ( " 0 , 5 n ) and reactions atExpand
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Attempts to chemically investigate element 112
Summary Two experiments aiming at the chemical investigation of element 112 produced in the heavy ion induced nuclear fusion reaction of 48Ca with 238U were performed at the Gesellschaft fürExpand
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Chemical Properties of Element 105 in Aqueous Solution: Cation Exchange Separations with α-Hydroxyisobutyric Acid
Studies of the complexation of element 105 by unbuffered ahydroxyisobutyric acid (a-HiB) and its elution from strongly acidic cation exchange resin were performed on a mixture of 34-s ^ " H a andExpand
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Changes in surface composition and morphology of UF
Abstract The changes in surface composition and morphology have been measured for UF 4 targets subjected to high dose irradiation (5 × 10 18 ions) with ∼195 MeV 37 Cl (∼5.3 AMeV). Using atomic forceExpand
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First chemical investigation of hassium (Hs, Z=108)
Recently, the first successful chemical investigation of element 108, hassium (Hs) has been reported [1]. Based on 7 detected atoms, Hs was shown to form a higly volatile oxide, most probably HsO4.Expand
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