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Invertebrate epithelial Na+ channels: amiloride-induced current-noise in crab gill.
Epithelial sheets from posterior gills of the freshwater-adapted euryhaline crab Eriocheir sinensis were obtained and current fluctuation analysis revealed the presence of an amiloride-induced relaxation (Lorentzian) component in the Isc- noise (so-called 'blocker-noise'). Expand
Na+-independent, electrogenic Cl- uptake across the posterior gills of the Chinese crab (Eriocheir sinensis): Voltage-clamp and microelectrode studies
SummarySingle gill lamellae from posterior gills of Chinese crabs (Eriocheir sinensis) were isolated, separated into halves and mounted in a modified Ussing chamber. Area-related short-circuitExpand
Ion transport in crab gills: A new method using isolated half platelets of Eriocheir gills in an ussing-type chamber
Abstract 1. 1. A half platelet preparation from Chinese crab (Eriocheir sinensis) gill is described which allows electrophysiological investigations of ion transport by gill epithelial monolayer whenExpand
Cainism, nestling management in Germany in 2004-2007 and satellite tracking of juveniles in the Lesser Spotted Eagle (Aquila pomarina)
Cainism, nestling management in Germany in 2004-2007 and satellite tracking of juveniles in the Lesser Spotted Eagle (Aquila pomarina) The Lesser Spotted Eagle belongs to a species with obligatoryExpand
The transepithelial potential difference in the gills of the fiddler crab,Uca tangeri: Influence of some inhibitors
Euryhaline Crustacea living in dilute media, counterbalance the salt loss by active absorption of NaCl across the gill epithelium by driving the (Na++K+)ATPase located in the basolateral membrane of the epithelial cells. Expand
The carbonic anhydrase of the Chinese crabEriocheir sinensis: Effects of adaption from tap to salt water
It is concluded that the carbonic anhydrase of posterior gills of the Chinese crab is mainly membrane-bound, and shows a strong dependence on the salinity of the water in which the crabs were kept. Expand
How to overcome osmotic stress? Marine crabs conquer freshwater. New insights from modern electrophysiology
The results so far obtained for NaCl uptake across the gills of the shore crab are compatible with a transport model where two cell types operate in parallel, one displaying cotransport-like NaCl absorption, similar to that in the thick ascending limb of Henle's loop of the mammalian mephron. Expand
The Situation of the Lesser Spotted Eagle Aquila pomarina in Germany: The need for an Action Plan and active Conservation
Since about 1800 the total breeding area of the Lesser Spotted Eagle Aquila pomarina in Germany has shrunk by some 90 % from a then 83,000 km 2 to a
Phospholipids and ATPase activities in the developing chick brain.
The quantities of the phospholipids phosph atidylserine, phosphatidylcholine, phosphAtidylinositol,osphatidylethanolamine and sphingomyelin in the developing chicken brain are determined by quantitative thin-layer chromatography and changes in their composition during the first 18 days after incubation are found. Expand