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Seco-eremophiladiolides and eremophilane glucosides from Pittocaulon velatum.
The anti-inflammatory activity of the isolated compounds was investigated using the TPA-induced ear edema model and the structures were elucidated by spectroscopic analysis and chemical reactions.
Sesquiterpenoids from Pittocaulon filare.
The phytochemical study of Pittocaulon filare afforded three oplopanes, a eudesmane (6), and three Oplopane glucosides, together with several known compounds, which do not have the same ability to inhibit edema and to prevent cell infiltration.
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids and diterpenes from Villasenoria orcuttii
The chemical study of Villasenoria orcuttii, the only species of the genus Villasenoria, afforded three acyclic diterpenes, two of them described for the first time. Two pyrrolizidine alkaloids,
Sesquiterpenes and Other Natural Products from Roldana reticulata
The chemical study of Roldana reticulate led to the isola- tion of two 9-oxo-furanoeremophilanes (1, 2), together with senecras- sidiol, tyrosol, icariside D2, and rutin; no pyrrolizidine alkaloids