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Normal spontaneous activity of the pyeloureteral system in the guinea-pig
Summary1.The normal ureteral peristalsis of the guinea-pig was determined by long-term recordings of electrical activity in the unanaesthetized animal. The frequency distribution of peristalticExpand
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Pacemaker process of ureteral peristalsis in multicalyceal kidneys.
The mechanical activity of isolated strips from different areas of the pyeloureteral system was investigated in 10 pigs: calyx, renal pelvis, pyeloureteral junction and ureter. Additionally,Expand
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Comparison of the Relaxing Effects of Cicletanine and Cromakalim on Vascular Smooth Muscle
Summary: Cicletanine inhibited the spontaneous activity of portal vein preparations (rat, guinea pig, and rabbit) and that produced by norepinephrine or an increase in external K+ concentration to 20Expand
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Oxygen consumption by the isolated smooth muscle of guinea‐pig taenia coli
1. An apparatus is described for simultaneous measurement of oxygen consumption and electrical and mechanical activity of isolated smooth muscle preparations.
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Electrical and chemical control of smooth muscle activity of rabbit corpus cavernosum in vitro.
OBJECTIVES This study sought to further elucidate the regulation of cavernous smooth muscle tone and to characterize mechanisms of cavernous activation and relaxation. METHODS In isolated strips ofExpand
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Selective suppression of some components of spontaneous activity in various types of smooth muscle by iproveratril (verapamil)
SummaryIntra- and extracellular measurements of electrical activity were recorded simultaneously with tension development from isolated preparations of taenia coli, portal vein, stomach and ureter ofExpand
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Comparative studies on normal ureteral peristalsis in dogs, guinea-pigs and rats
SummaryUreteral peristalsis was measured in unanaesthetized dogs and in isolated preparations of dogs and rats. The normal pacemaker is localized — as in the guinea-pig — in the proximal parts of theExpand
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Clinical and experimental studies on the effect of nifedipine on smooth muscle of the oesophagus and LES
In in vitro experiments on isolated circular strips of gastrointestinal smooth musculature it has been possible, through Ca2+-antagonists such as nifedipine and sodium nitroprusside to obtain aExpand
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Rhythmische Dehnung der glatten Muskulatur vom Blinddarm des Meerschweinchens
  • K. Golenhofen
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  • 1 December 1965
SummaryThe tension development of the isolated taenia coli of the guinea-pig was measured during induced sinusoidal changes of length. (Stretch frequencies between 0.6 and 100 per min, stretchExpand
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[Spontaneous activity of isolated muscle preparations from various sections of the guinea pig stomach].
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