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Expanded Trade and GDP Data
Many sources of economic data cover only a limited set of states at any given point in time. Data are often systematically missing for some states over certain time periods. In the context of
Introducing Archigos: A Dataset of Political Leaders
Scholars for a long time theorized about the role of political leaders, but empirical research has been limited by the lack of systematic data about individual leaders. Archigos is a new dataset with
Horizontal Inequalities and Ethnonationalist Civil War: A Global Comparison
Contemporary research on civil war has largely dismissed the role of political and economic grievances, focusing instead on opportunities for conflict. However, these strong claims rest on
Diffusion and the International Context of Democratization
Democracy does not evolve sui generis. The spatial clustering in democracy and transitions suggests that international factors play a prominent role in forging democracies as well as influencing
Inequality, Grievances, and Civil War
© Lars-Erik Cederman, Kristian Skrede Gleditsch, and Halvard Buhaug 2013. This book argues that political and economic inequalities following group lines generate grievances that in turn can motivate
Refugees and the Spread of Civil War
Certain regions of the world experience more conflict than others. Previous analyses have shown that a civil war in one country significantly increases the likelihood that neighboring states will
Space Is More than Geography: Using Spatial Econometrics in the Study of Political Economy
Although spatial econometrics is being used more frequently in political science, most applications are still based on geographic notions of distance. Here we argue that it is often more fruitful to
Transnational Dimensions of Civil War
Existing research has related civil war primarily to country-specific factors or processes that take place within individual states experiencing conflict. Many contemporary civil wars, however,
Contagion or Confusion? Why Conflicts Cluster in Space
Civil wars cluster in space as well as time. In this study, we develop and evaluate empirically alternative explanations for this observed clustering. We consider whether the spatial pattern of
Ethnicity, the State, and the Duration of Civil War
Previous research has focused primarily on how ethnicity may trigger civil war, and its effect on conflict duration remains disputed. Rather than treating conflict as a direct consequence of ethnic