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Mechanical properties of clathrate hydrates: status and perspectives
Knowledge of the mechanical properties of clathrate hydrates is central for studying the mechanical properties of hydrate-bearing sediments, their associated applications in wellbore stability,Expand
Compressibility, thermal expansion coefficient and heat capacity of CH4 and CO2 hydrate mixtures using molecular dynamics simulations.
Understanding the thermal and mechanical properties of CH4 and CO2 hydrates is essential for the replacement of CH4 with CO2 in natural hydrate deposits as well as for CO2 sequestration and storage.Expand
Local equilibrium of the Gibbs interface in two-phase systems
We analyze the local equilibrium assumption for interfaces from the perspective of gauge transformations, which are the small displacements of Gibbs' dividing surface. The gauge invariance ofExpand
Nonequilibrium properties of a two-dimensionally isotropic interface in a two-phase mixture as described by the square gradient model.
In earlier work a systematic extension of the van der Waals square gradient model to nonequilibrium one-component systems was given. In this work the focus was on heat and mass transfer through theExpand
Multicomponent Interfacial Transport: Described by the Square Gradient Model during Evaporation and Condensation
The aim of this thesis is to build a theoretical approach which allows to describe the behavior of fluid during evaporation and condensation in multicomponent systems. We consider isotropic non-polExpand
Thermal phenomena associated with water transport across a fuel cell membrane: Soret and Dufour effects
Abstract We present calculations of the coupling effects that take place when heat and water are transported across a membrane relevant to fuel cells, using the theory of non-equilibriumExpand
Numerical solution of the nonequilibrium square-gradient model and verification of local equilibrium for the Gibbs surface in a two-phase binary mixture.
In this paper we apply the general analysis described in our first paper to a binary mixture of cyclohexane and n -hexane. We use the square gradient model for the continuous description of aExpand
Effect of compressibility in bubble formation in closed systems.
We analyze the stability of small bubbles in a closed system with fixed volume, temperature, and number of molecules. We show that there exists a minimum stable size of a bubble. Thus there exists aExpand
Transport of heat and mass in a two-phase mixture: From a continuous to a discontinuous description.
We present a theory that describes the transport properties of the interfacial region with respect to heat and mass transfer. Postulating the local Gibbs relation for a continuous description insideExpand