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Photodegradation at the wood-clearcoat interface
SummaryWestern red cedar panels, one coated with a soft latex-based acrylic polymer clear coating and the other uncoated, were exposed outdoors under a series of cut-off filters for 50 weeks.
Fluorescence lifetime measurements using a novel fiber‐optic laser scanning confocal microscope
The novel design of a fiber‐optic laser scanning confocal microscope is described. The optical fiber acts as a flexible light path for both the excitation and return beams and as the confocal pinhole
Protein engineering of cytochrome b562 for quinone binding and light-induced electron transfer.
By using EPR and fast optical techniques, it is shown that, in the various chlorin-protein-quinone complexes, light-induced electron transfer can occur from the chlorin to the bound oxidized quinone but not the hydroquinone, with electron transfer rates in the order of 10(8) s(-1).
Riboflavin Triplet Quenchers Inhibit Lightstruck Flavor Formation in Beer
We report that the primary photophysical event that leads to the formation of lightstruck flavor in beer exposed to visible light is the excitation of riboflavin to its triplet state followed by
Synthesis of light harvesting polymers by RAFT methods.
Polymers prepared by RAFT polymerisation containing acenaphthyl energy donors and a terminal anthryl energy acceptor have a narrow molecular weight distribution and exhibit excitation energy transfer
The Dominant Energy Transport Pathway in Halide Perovskites: Photon Recycling or Carrier Diffusion?
Photon recycling and carrier diffusion are the two plausible processes that primarily affect the carrier dynamics in halide perovskites, and therefore the evaluation of the performance of their
Triggering the Passivation Effect of Potassium Doping in Mixed‐Cation Mixed‐Halide Perovskite by Light Illumination
Potassium (K+) doping has been recently discovered as an effective route to suppress hysteresis and improve the performance stability of perovskite solar cells. However, the mechanism of these K+
The dynamics of electronic energy transfer in novel multiporphyrin functionalized dendrimers: A time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy.
The dynamics of electronic energy transfer (EET) for a series of spherical porphyrin arrays based on different generations of poly(propylene imine) dendrimers have been investigated using