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A fair queue? Australian public discourse on refugees and immigration
The term 'queue-jumpers' and variations on this theme have been widely applied in recent months in Australian public discourse, especially since the commencement of the so-called 'Tampa crisis' on 27Expand
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Speaking Back: The free speech versus hate speech debate
1. Acknowledgements 2. Abbreviations 3. Abstract 4. Introduction 5. 1. The problem: An example of racial anti-vilification laws in practice, 1989-1998 6. 2. Expanding speech liberties: A capabilitiesExpand
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Hate Crimes: Public Policy Implications of the Inclusion of Gender
Much of the current global debate around 'hate crimes' legislation is focused on the pragmatic and logistical difficulties of winning support for, and enacting, legislation. This paper takes a stepExpand
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Evidencing the harms of hate speech
ABSTRACT The ways in which targeted communities experience hate speech is an important, but often neglected, component of the debate over the legitimacy of hate speech laws. This article reports onExpand
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Hate Speech and Freedom of Speech in Australia
Part I - Hate Speech and Freedom of Speech in Australia: The Landscape Speech and the Australian Legal and Political Landscape Katherine Gelber The Volatility of Racism in Australia Ann Curthoys TheExpand
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Arguing matters: the responsibility to protect and the case of Libya
This article analyses international negotiations over the 2011 Libyan crisis during the short weeks between the start of the uprising and the passage and implementation of un Security CouncilExpand
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Reconceptualizing counterspeech in hate-speech policy (with a focus on Australia)
There is an aspect of the hate speech debate that tends to rest on common, yet unstated, assumptions, and that has profound implications for the progress of the debate and for the perceivedExpand
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High court review 2005: The manifestation of separation of powers in Australia
In 2005 questions were raised in public debate regarding the scope, meaning and manifestation of the constitutional separation of powers and the role of the High Court in interpreting these. InExpand
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Hate speech and the Australian legal and political landscape
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