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Antimicrobial activities of some thymol derivatives from the roots of Inula hupehensis.
This is the first report that these five thymol derivatives show inhibitory activity against plant pathogenic fungi, as well as some naturally occurring antimicrobial compounds found in medicinal plants, herbs and spice extracts. Expand
Chemical Constituents of Plants from the Genus Rhododendron
Ervatamines A-I, Anti-inflammatory Monoterpenoid Indole Alkaloids with Diverse Skeletons from Ervatamia hainanensis.
Nine new monoterpenoid indole alkaloids, ervatamines A-I (1-9), and five known ones (10-14), were isolated from Ervatamia hainanensis. The new structures were elucidated by extensive spectroscopicExpand
Lignans from the fruit of Schisandra sphenanthera, and their inhibition of HSV-2 and adenovirus
The systematic isolation of the EtOAc extract from Schisandra sphenanthera fruit was performed during a search for HSV-2 and adenovirus inhibitors. Sixteen lignans were obtained, with compound 1Expand
Terpenoids from Eupatorium fortunei Turcz
Four new terpenoids, namely, rel-(1R,2S,3R,4R,6S)-p-menthane-1,2,3,6-tetrol (1), rel(1R,2R,3R,4S,6S)-p-menthane-1,2,3,6-tetrol (2), 9-hydroxythymol 3-O-angelate (3), and (3 beta,Expand
Sesquiterpenoids from the root tubers of Lindera aggregata.
Six new sesquiterpenoids, linderanlide A-F (1-5 and 12), and nine previously reported sesquiterpenoids (6-11 and 13-15) have been isolated from the root tubers of Lindera aggregata. The newExpand
Eudesmane derivatives and other constituents from Saussurea parviflora.
A survey of the whole plant of Saussurea parviflora afforded three compounds, and encelin exhibited effective antitumor activity on L02, SMMC-7721 and HO-8910 cells, which were elucidated on the basis of spectral evidence, especially by using NMR spectroscopic techniques. Expand
Gamma-pyranone derivatives and other constituents from Erigeron annuus.
Two new gamma-pyranone derivatives and a new triterpene, together with eight known compounds, were isolated from the aerial parts of Erigeron annuus. Their structures were elucidated by spectroscopicExpand