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The career reasons of nascent entrepreneurs
The reasons for nascent entrepreneurs' careerchoices are explored in comparison to those offered by non-entrepreneurs. Prior research on the reasons entrepreneurs give for starting a business isExpand
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Person, Process, Choice: The Psychology of New Venture Creation
Psychology can be distinguished from other behavioral sciences by its emphasis on the behavior of the individual person. Behavior, in turn, is influenced by the way in which the external world isExpand
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Handbook of Entrepreneurial Dynamics: The Process of Business Creation
This handbook reports on the creation andresults of the Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics (PSED) that wasconducted by the Entrepreneurship Research Consortium (ERC), founded in 1995.The PSEDExpand
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A longitudinal study of cognitive factors influencing start-up behaviors and success at venture creation
Explores whether specific cognitive attributes of potential entrepreneurs can be used to predict future startup success and persistence in business startup activities. Two hypotheses are proposed andExpand
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Deciding on an Entrepreneurial Career: A Test of the Pull and Push Hypotheses Using the Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics Data 1
The Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics data were used to analyze if the potential for increased life satisfaction pulls or job dissatisfaction pushes individuals toward an entrepreneurialExpand
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Entrepreneurial Expectancy, Task Effort, and Performance *
Research to date has not adequately explained the role that expectancy of entrepreneurial performance based on perceived ability plays in motivating persons to persevere on an entrepreneurial task.Expand
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