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Naturally Occurring Mycoplasma Bovis—Associated Pneumonia and Polyarthritis in Feedlot Beef Calves
Mycoplasma bovis is perceived as an emerging cause of mortality in feedlot beef cattle. This study examined the lesions and infectious agents in naturally occurring M. bovis–associatedExpand
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The microbial flora of the respiratory tract in feedlot calves: associations between nasopharyngeal and bronchoalveolar lavage cultures.
The upper and lower respiratory tracts of 59 feedlot calves with clinical signs of naturally occurring respiratory disease (cases) and 60 comparison (control) animals were cultured before treatment,Expand
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Diseases and Pathogens Associated with Mortality in Ontario Beef Feedlots
This study determined the prevalence of diseases and pathogens associated with mortality or severe morbidity in 72 Ontario beef feedlots in calves that died or were euthanized within 60 days afterExpand
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The frequency, distribution and effects of antibodies, to seven putative respiratory pathogens, on respiratory disease and weight gain in feedlot calves in Ontario.
During 1983-85, 279 calves requiring treatment for bovine respiratory disease and 290 comparison (control) animals from 15 different groups of feedlot calves were bled on arrival and again at 28 daysExpand
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Health performance of feeder calves sold at conventional auctions versus special auctions of vaccinated or conditioned calves in Ontario.
OBJECTIVE To compare health performance during the first 28 days in the feedlot for vaccinated or conditioned feeder calves sold through special auctions in Ontario with health performance for calvesExpand
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An evaluation of antimicrobial therapy for undifferentiated bovine respiratory disease.
A field trial of antimicrobial therapy for cases of undifferentiated bovine respiratory disease (UBRD) in beef calves was conducted at four Ontario feedlots. The primary purpose of the trial was toExpand
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A group level analysis of the associations between antibodies to seven putative pathogens and respiratory disease and weight gain in Ontario feedlot calves.
The associations, at the group level, between serological titer to Pasteurella haemolytica surface antigens (Ph), Pasteurella haemolytica cytotoxin (Ph-cytox), infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virusExpand
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Changes in the bacterial flora of the upper and lower respiratory tracts and bronchoalveolar lavage differential cell counts in feedlot calves treated for respiratory diseases.
Serial nasopharyngeal swab and bronchoalveolar lavage cultures were used to estimate changes in the bacterial flora of the respiratory tracts of calves during the first month after arrival in theExpand
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Cytological findings in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid from feedlot calves: associations with pulmonary microbial flora.
Samples obtained by bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) were used to evaluate pulmonary cytology in 59 feedlot calves with clinical signs of respiratory disease (cases) and 60 clinically normal comparisonExpand
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Prevalence and genotype of Mycoplasma bovis in beef cattle after arrival at a feedlot.
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of Mycoplasma bovis infection in the lungs of cattle at various times after arrival at a feedlot, to measure the relationship between clinical disease status andExpand
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