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Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems: A Second Research Roadmap
The goal of this roadmap paper is to summarize the state-of-the-art and identify research challenges when developing, deploying and managing self-adaptive software systems. Instead of dealing with aExpand
On Patterns for Decentralized Control in Self-Adaptive Systems
A simple notation for describing interacting MAPE loops is contributed, which is used to describe a number of existing patterns of interacting MAPe loops, to begin to fulfill (a) and (b), and numerous remaining research challenges in this area are outlined. Expand
QR-TAN: Secure Mobile Transaction Authentication
QR-TANs are a transaction authentication technique based on two-dimensional barcodes that allow the user to directly validate the content of a transaction within a trusted device and are secure even if an attacker manages to gain full control over a user’s computer. Expand
Overview and Evaluation of Constraint Validation Approaches in Java
An overview and evaluation of different constraint validation approaches for the Java programming language with respect to implementation, maintainability and performance shows that the benefits of some of the more advanced approaches are certainly worth their costs while other approaches introduce runtime overheads of more than 100. Expand
What service replication middleware can learn from object replication middleware
This paper focuses on replication middleware that allows for (but is not limited to) strict consistency of replicas since this is required by many real-life applications and presents a generalized architecture for both distributed object and service-oriented replication middleWare. Expand
Client and Legacy Integration in Object-Oriented Web Engineering
Through the smooth integration of highly heterogeneous legacy software and databases, this object oriented Web design provides techniques to achieve this goal. Expand
A Replication Model for Trading Data Integrity against Availability
A novel replication model is presented that allows replicas to diverge if data integrity can be temporarily relaxed and re-establishes both replica consistency and data integrity during repair time. Expand
A service environment for air traffic control based on SIP
The presented software architecture combines audio services with basic data services and offers interfaces to integrate them with other air traffic control systems and uses the session initiation protocol (SIP) for setting up audio sessions and the SIP specific event notification to control radios. Expand
Agile software development for component based software engineering
This work introduces an approach for a consequent integration to allow agile component development in the small and system engineering in the large, respectively to serve today's demands of software engineering. Expand
On measuring quality of service limitations in local area networks
A method is introduced that takes several sources of latency within a local network communication path into account to receive a more accurate measurement and enables a more aimed and efficient tuning of local area networks destined to carry real-time services. Expand