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Identification of novel metabolites in the degradation of phenanthrene by Sphingomonas sp. strain P2.
Sphingomonas sp. strain P2, which is capable of utilizing phenanthrene as a sole carbon and energy source, was isolated from petroleum-contaminated soil in Thailand. Gas chromatography-massExpand
Diverse Oxygenations Catalyzed by Carbazole 1,9a-Dioxygenase from Pseudomonas sp. Strain CA10
Results indicate that CARDO has a broad substrate range and can catalyze diverse oxygenation: angular dioxygenation, cis dihydroxylation, and monooxygenation. Expand
Telomestatin, a novel telomerase inhibitor from Streptomyces anulatus.
Simultaneous operation of the mevalonate and non-mevalonate pathways in the biosynthesis of isopentenly diphosphate in Streptomyces aeriouvifer
Abstract Labeling experiments using [1,2-13C2]acetate and [U-13C6]glucose on menaquinone and naphterpin produced by Streptomyces aeriouvifer proved simultaneous operation of the mevalonate andExpand
An Alternative Menaquinone Biosynthetic Pathway Operating in Microorganisms
The outline of this alternative pathway in a nonpathogenic strain of Streptomyces is deduced by bioinformatic screening, gene knockouts, shotgun cloning with isolated mutants, and in vitro studies with recombinant enzymes. Expand
Roasting process of coffee beans as studied by nuclear magnetic resonance: time course of changes in composition.
The present composition-based quality analysis provides an excellent holistic method and suggests useful chemical markers to control and characterize the coffee-roasting process. Expand
Isolation and tyrosinase inhibitory effects of polyphenols from the leaves of persimmon, Diospyros kaki.
The main polyphenols were isolated from the leaves of six selected persimmon cultivars and it was confirmed that the most influential moiety for tyrosinase inhibition was the 3',4'-dihydroxy groups of the catechol moiety. Expand
Glycolytic intermediates induce amorphous calcium carbonate formation in crustaceans.
This work has identified phosphoenolpyruvate and 3-phosphoglycerate, intermediates of the glycolytic pathway, in exoskeleton and gastroliths and found them important for stabilizing ACC. Expand
Nondestructive quantification of organic compounds in whole milk without pretreatment by two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy.
The results indicated that 1H 1D and 1H-13C HSQC 2D NMR spectroscopy is useful for the rapid and nondestructive determination of various compounds in milk. Expand
ADP-Ribosylation as an Intermediate Step in Inactivation of Rifampin by a Mycobacterial Gene
  • S. Quan, Tamae Imai, +6 authors K. Furihata
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
  • 1 January 1999
The results indicated that RIP-TAs is an intermediate in the pathway leading to ribosylated rifampin and that the previously characterized gene encodes a mono(ADP-ribosyl)transferase which, however, shows no sequence similarity to other enzymes of this class. Expand