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Determination and confirmation of methomyl residues in soil and water
Gas chromatographic methods for the determination of methomyl residues in soil and water utilising the flame photometric detector are described. Complete extraction of methomyl residues in soil andExpand
Differences in physicochemical and antigenic properties of chlamydial strains.
Structural differences appear to determine the antigenic properties observed among the chlamydial strains as well as the specificity and probably the mechanisms (s) of cellular immune reactivity to Chlamydiae. Expand
Vitamin requirements of the fungal endophytes of Arundina chinensis
The vitamin requirements of two Rhizoctonia fungus endophytes of the orchid Arundina chinensis are reported and both isolates were partially deficient in thiamin and p-aminobenzoic acid, and R14 required added biotin for optimum growth under the conditions of the experiment. Expand
Rapid GLC determination of fusaric acid in biological fluids.
A simple, sensitive GLC assay was developed for fusaric acid, the active metabolite of bupicomide, to follow the disposition of this investigational antihypertensive agent in patients undergoingExpand