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Prodigiosin Production by Serratia marcescens UCP 1549 Using Renewable-Resources as a Low Cost Substrate
The objective of this work was to indentify a suitable medium to simultaneously enhance S. marcescens growth and pigment production using renewable resources obtained from industrial wastes and to design a new, economically feasible medium supporting enhanced S. Marcescensgrowth and prodigiosin production. Expand
New peptide antibiotics LI-F03, F04, F05, F07, and F08, produced by Bacillus polymyxa. I. Isolation and characterization.
A strain of Bacillus polymyxa produced a new peptide antibiotic complex, named LI-F, composed of more than ten components, which are active against fungi, yeasts, and Gram-positive bacteria. Expand
Identification of pathogenic dematiaceous fungi and related taxa based on large subunit ribosomal DNA D1/D2 domain sequence analysis.
The sequence data suggested that the D1/D2 domain is sufficiently variable for identification of pathogenic dematiaceous fungi and relevant species and that most human pathogenic species formed a single cluster and that Cladosporium and Phialophora species were distributed polyphyletically into several clusters. Expand
Antifungal Susceptibilities, Varieties, and Electrophoretic Karyotypes of Clinical Isolates of Cryptococcus neoformans from Brazil, Chile, and Venezuela
A high susceptibility to antifungal agents was observed among all the isolates and the electrophoretic karyotyping of 51 strains revealed good discrimination among Cryptococcus neoformansvar. Expand
Heavy metal biosorption by chitin and chitosan isolated from Cunninghamella elegans (IFM 46109)
Chitin and chitosan were extracted from mycelial biomass of Cunninghamella elegans and the performance for copper, lead and iron biosorption in aqueous solution was evaluated. The growth curve of C.Expand
The epidemiology and mating behavior of Arthroderma benhamiae var. erinacei in household four-toed hedgehogs (Atelerix albiventris) in Japan.
The present study revealed that the intra-Japanese hedgehog-borne isolate crossing showed complete fertility and that the sexual degeneration pointed out by Takashio did not exist. Expand
Paecilotoxin production in clinical or terrestrial isolates of Paecilomyces lilacinus strains
Alkaline medium was found to be suitable for the production of the toxins and production patterns of paecilotoxins were very similar in each strain and the main toxins were A and B. Expand
Extracellular enzymatic activities in Cryptococcus neoformans strains isolated from AIDS patients in different countries.
Three hundred and ten Cryptococcus neoformans strains isolated from AIDS patients in five different countries were tested by the API-ZYM kit to detect their extracellular enzymatic activity, and the serotype A was the most predominant serotype in all countries, except for Italy where the serotypes D was predominant. Expand
Trichosporon species infection in bone marrow transplanted patients.
The patient with systemic infection died despite the therapy with amphotericin B and the patient with catheter-related infection recovered from the fungal infection after catheter removal. Expand
New penicillide derivatives isolated from Penicillium simplicissimum
Two new penicillide derivatives, secopenicillides A and B, were isolated from the extract of Penicillium simplicissimum IFM 53375, the antifungal substances of this fungus, by spectroscopic investigation and chemical correlation. Expand