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Nilpotent structures and invariant metrics on collapsed manifolds
Let Mn be a complete Riemannian manifold of bounded curvature, say IKI 0, we put Mn = W n(c) U Fn (c), where ?1n (e) consists of those points at which the injectivity radius of the exponential map isExpand
Lagrangian Floer theory on compact toric manifolds, I
The present authors introduced the notion of \emph{weakly unobstructed} Lagrangian submanifolds and constructed their \emph{potential function} $\mathfrak{PO}$ purely in terms of $A$-model data inExpand
Cyclic symmetry and adic convergence in Lagrangian Floer theory
In this paper we use continuous family of multisections of the moduli space of pseudo holomorphic discs to partially improve, in the case of real coefficient, the construction of Lagrangian FloerExpand
A boundary of the set of the Riemannian manifolds with bounded curvatures and diameters
On etudie la structure de la fermeture de l'ensemble constitue par des classes d'isometrie de varietes de Riemann a courbures et diametres bornes
Collapsing of Riemannian manifolds and eigenvalues of Laplace operator
On etudie la perturbation des valeurs propres de l'operateur de Laplace sous des deformations des varietes qui ne conservent pas les dimensions
Zero-loop open strings in the cotangent bundle and Morse homotopy
0. Introduction. Many important works in symplectic geometry and topology are regarded as the symplectization or the quantization of the corresponding results in ordinary geometry and topology. OneExpand
Lagrangian Floer theory on compact toric manifolds II: bulk deformations
This is a continuation of part I in the series of the papers on Lagrangian Floer theory on toric manifolds. Using the deformations of Floer cohomology by the ambient cycles, which we call bulkExpand