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GPflow: A Gaussian Process Library using TensorFlow
GPflow is a Gaussian process library that uses TensorFlow for its core computations and Python for its front end and has a particular emphasis on software testing and is able to exploit GPU hardware. Expand
Quantum circuit learning
A classical-quantum hybrid algorithm for machine learning on near-term quantum processors, which is hybridizing a low-depth quantum circuit and a classical computer for machinelearning, paves the way toward applications of near- term quantum devices for quantum machine learning. Expand
The International Linear Collider Technical Design Report - Volume 2: Physics
Author(s): Baer, Howard; Barklow, Tim; Fujii, Keisuke; Gao, Yuanning; Hoang, Andre; Kanemura, Shinya; List, Jenny; Logan, Heather E; Nomerotski, Andrei; Perelstein, Maxim; Peskin, Michael E; Poschl,Expand
A study of K - π + scattering in the reaction K - p→K - π + n at 11 GeV/ c
Results from a high statistics study of the reaction K−p→K−π+n are presented. These results are based on data obtained with an 11 GeV/c beam using the LASS spectrometer at SLAC. The mass dependenceExpand
The International Linear Collider: A Global Project
A large, world-wide community of physicists is working to realise an exceptional physics program of energy-frontier, electron-positron collisions with the International Linear Collider (ILC). ThisExpand
The International Large Detector: Letter of Intent
The International Large Detector (ILD) is a concept for a detector at the International Linear Collider, ILC, designed to host two detectors, which can be moved into the beam position with a push-pull scheme. Expand
Variational Quantum Algorithms
An overview of the field of Variational Quantum Algorithms is presented and strategies to overcome their challenges as well as the exciting prospects for using them as a means to obtain quantum advantage are discussed. Expand
Qulacs: a fast and versatile quantum circuit simulator for research purpose
The main concepts of Qulacs are shown, how to use its features via examples, numerical techniques to speed-up simulation are described, and its performance with numerical benchmarks is demonstrated. Expand
Blind quantum computation protocol in which Alice only makes measurements
Blind quantum computation is a new secure quantum computing protocol which enables Alice who does not have sufficient quantum technology to delegate her quantum computation to Bob who has aExpand