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Optical properties of the layered transition-metal-dichalcogenide ReS2 : anisotropy in the van der Waals plane
The spectral quantum efficiency in ReS2 heterodiodes was measured in the wavelength region between 600 and 850 nm. Anisotropy effects in the van der Waals plane were observed by means of linearly
Excitonic luminescence of the Br 2 -intercalated layered semiconductors 2 H − WS 2
Radiative recombination processes in the transition metal dichalcogenide compound $2H\text{\ensuremath{-}}{\mathrm{WS}}_{2}$ are investigated. The strong sharp line photoluminescence in the spectral
Characterization of Defect Levels in Doped and Undoped CuGaSe2 by Means of Photoluminescence Measurements
Photoluminescence properties of various as-grown, annealed, and doped CuGaSe2 samples have been investigated in the range from liquid helium temperature to room temperature in order to determine
Optical and photoelectrical properties of ReS2 single crystals
Optical absorption, photoacoustic spectroscopy and photoconductivity were investigated in ReS2 single crystals in the temperature range 50–300 K. The energy gap (1.55 eV at 80 K) and its temperature
Crystal growth of narrow gap semiconductors for thermoelectric applications
Recently, there has been a growing interest in small integrated cooling units. This prompted us to establish a screening program for the search of new efficient thermoelectric materials requiring the
Metal-Insulator Transitions in the Kondo Insulator FeSi and Classic Semiconductors Are Similar
We have observed the metal-insulator transition in the strongly correlated insulator FeSi with the chemical substitution of Al at the Si site. The magnetic susceptibility, heat capacity, and
Magnetic and thermoelectric properties of R3Cu3Sb4 (R=La, Ce, Gd, Er)
The rare-earth compounds R3Cu3Sb4 (R=La, Ce, Gd, Er) were synthesized in order to evaluate their potential for thermoelectric applications. Melting in closed tantalum tubes was used to get the