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Heavy metal distribution and bioaccumulation in Chihuahuan Desert Rough Harvester ant (Pogonomyrmex rugosus) populations.
The findings show bioaccumulation trends in linked trophic levels in an arid ecosystem and further investigation should focus on the impacts of heavy metal contamination at the community level. Expand
On the role of vitamin B12 in thymidine synthesis.
Pituitary Effect on Synthesis of Deoxyribonucleic Acid in Regenerating Rat Liver following Whole-body X-irradiation
The possibility of a pituitary effect on synthesis of DNA in regenerating liver following whole-body X-irradiation was confirmed in the experiments reported here and is suggested to be a result of the failure to synthesize certain enzymes concerned with the formation of DNA. Expand
The association of land cover with aeolian sediment production at Jornada Basin, New Mexico, USA
Abstract We investigated amounts and particle size distributions (PSDs) of aeolian sediments collected at five heights in five ecosystem types at the Jornada Basin, Chihuahuan Desert, New Mexico,Expand
Inhibition of Glutamate Transport in Synechococcus cedrorum by Glutamine
The absence of glutamate transport in glutamine-grown cells of Synechococcus cedrorum R7 was due to feedback inhibition and not repression of transport activity.
Purine metabolism in cobalamin-depleted Lactobacillus leichmannii 7830.
The results of this study do not substantiate an involvement of cobalamin in purine synthesis and the purine requirement for growth of L. leichmannii is thought to be initiated by events which become manifested by a retarded rate of DNA synthesis. Expand
On the role of cobalamin in methionine synthesis of E. coli 113-3.