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Free radical functionalization of surfaces to prevent adverse responses to biomedical devices
An energetic ion-assisted plasma process that can make any surface hydrophilic and at the same time enable it to covalently immobilize functional biological molecules is described, which can be used in medical applications ranging from cardiovascular stents to heart-lung machines. Expand
Covalently Bound Biomimetic Layers on Plasma Polymers with Graded Metallic Interfaces for in vivo Implants
Surfaces capable of covalently immobilizing a dense layer of bioactive protein may be used to stimulate desired cellular responses at the surface of an implant. Pulse biased plasma polymerizationExpand
Layered structure of crystalline compounds silver thiolates (AgSR)
The insoluble silver thiolate compounds AgS(CH 2 ) 2 CH 3 (1), AgS(CH 2 ) 3 CH 3 (2), AgS(CH 2 ) 5 CH 3 (3), AgS(CH 2 ) 7 CH 3 (4), AgSC 6 H 5 (5), AgSC 6 H 4 -4-F (6), AgSC 6 H 4 -4-Cl (7), AgSC 6 HExpand
Mechanisms for surface energy changes observed in plasma immersion ion implanted polyethylene: The roles of free radicals and oxygen-containing groups
Abstract Low density polyethylene (LDPE) was modified by plasma immersion ion implantation (PIII) with nitrogen ions of 20 keV. Surface energy and structural transformations were observed duringExpand
Fundamental aspects of biomass carbonisation.
The main objective of this work was to thermally evaluate three different biomass samples, wood sawdust, bagasse and macadamia nut shell, and produce fundamental quantitative data for mass and energyExpand
Synthesis, Activity and Binding with DNA of [{trans-PtCl(NH ) }2μ-{trans- Pd(4-hydroxypyridine) (H N(CH ) NH ) ]Cl (TH8)
This paper describes the synthesis, characterization, cytotoxicity of a new trinuclear Pt-Pd-Pt complex code named TH8 containing two 4-hydroxypyridine ligands bound to the central metal ion. InExpand
Tandem Mass Spectrometry Measurement of the Collision Products of Carbamate Anions Derived from CO2 Capture Sorbents: Paving the Way for Accurate Quantitation
Low energy negative-ion CID results for several anionic carbamates derived from primary and secondary amines commonly used as post-combustion capture solvents and unequivocal evidence for the existence of carbamate anions derived from sterically hindered amines are reported. Expand
Metal Chalcogenide Cluster Chemistry.