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The cognitive functions of linguistic categories in describing persons: Social cognition and language.
Three studies examined the cognitive implications of linguistic categories in the interpersonal domain. On the basis of conceptual and linguistic criteria, we advance a four-level classification that
Recommendations for Increasing Replicability in Psychology †
Replicability of findings is at the heart of any empirical science. The aim of this article is to move the current replicability debate in psychology towards concrete recommendations for improvement.
The linguistic category model, its bases, applications and range
A model of interpersonal terms (verbs and adjectives) is reviewed in terms of the research on: (a) the systematic cognitive inferences these terms mediate, and (b) the implications of this model for
The dependence of the conjunction fallacy on subtle linguistic factors
SummaryThe three experiments reported in this article are concerned with moderating conditions of the so-called conjunction fallacy. Although the conjunction of two events (A&B) is necessarily less
Beware of samples! A cognitive-ecological sampling approach to judgment biases.
: A cognitive-ecological approach to judgment biases is presented and substantiated by recent empirical evidence. Latent properties of the environment are not amenable to direct assessment but have
Faking the IAT: Aided and Unaided Response Control on the Implicit Association Tests
One pragmatic goal of implicit tools like the Implicit Association Tests (IAT) is to rule out self-presentation and controlled responding. Three experiments examined whether the IAT meets this goal,