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Spindle tuber virus in seeds and pollen of infected potato plants
The presence of potato spindle tuber virus in seed and pollen of diseased plants was demonstrated and it was suggested that only healthy parents should be used for breeding purposes.
The tomato test for eliminating spindle tuber from potato planting stock
The results indicate the validity and value of the tomato test for the elimination of PSTV from seed stocks before planting and a modification of the test procedure is advocated in which two test plants are rubbed from each source, one to be challenged and one not, to increase the accuracy of thetest, particularly during periods when symptoms of PSTVs are poorly expressed.
How can we interpret the zero tolerance for bacterial ring rot in certified seed potatoes
SummaryIt is pointed out that it is impossible by inspection methods to guarantee freedom from ring rot. The zero tolerance for certified seed tends to keep the percentage of ring rot low but does
Leafroll control by use of insecticides
It is recommended that potato seed growers in New York use parathion at frequent intervals throughout the season and continue until the vines are killed, and Systox has not been authorized for use on food plants it can not be recommended at the present time.
Yellow dwarf in New York state
This disease has been known in New York since 1917 but i t is doubtfu l whe the r the po ta to inspectors were all capable of correct diagnosis before 1920. At tha t t ime the disease was prevalent
Thermotherapy of potato leafroll
Heat treatment has proven of value in the elimination of leafroll virus from small lots of seed of special value in a breeding program.