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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Versus a Health Enhancement Program in the Treatment of Urge Urinary Incontinence in Older Adult Women: A Randomized Controlled Feasibility Study.
Current treatment practices for older adult women with urge urinary incontinence (UUI) remain insufficient and ineffective. A randomized controlled feasibility trial was developed to evaluate threeExpand
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Benefits of Physical Activity on Cognitive Functioning in Older Adults
As the world becomes more populated and more medically advanced, more people are starting to live longer. There are growing concerns for the health and well-being of an ever-growing population. AgingExpand
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Navigating the future of gerontology education: curriculum mapping to the AGHE competencies
ABSTRACT The recent adoption of gerontology competencies for undergraduate and graduate education emphasize a need for competency-based education. The purpose of this manuscript is to describe theExpand
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Considering religion and spirituality in precision medicine.
The emerging era of precision medicine (PM) holds great promise for patient care by considering individual, environmental, and lifestyle factors to optimize treatment. Context is centrally importantExpand
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[5.0] Post Ageing
To reinterpret the developments and shifts in gerontology from an historical perspective (in hindsight) by using inflection points is one thing, but to offer a prospective prevailing theme (such asExpand
Cultivating Leadership through Asset and Opportunity Mapping
[5.5 and >] Radical Versions of the Inflection Point and Positive Derivative
The idea of ageing will have become associated with an experience that was in the past, and humans will have moved beyond the process of ageing into a vastly different living experience permeated byExpand
The Promise and Challenges of Post Ageing
We are not convinced that the inflection point of optimal ageing is the ultimate culmination and apogee of all that we have done—and will do—in the domain of gerontology and geriatrics. We are mostExpand
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The Use of Inflection Points
In brief, inflection point [1.0]—representing the Philosophy of Ageing as a technique for coping with the shortness of life, or the finiteness of time—has been superseded by several new inflectionExpand
Psychometric Properties of the Resilience Scale in Older Adult Women
Older adults are often exposed to long term stressors, whose negative effects may manifest in both mind and body. Resilience is the quality of “bouncing back” from a stressor, adapting to challengingExpand