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The diet of worms : A study of polychaete feeding guilds
An understanding of the sympatric occurrance in the deep sea of several congeners with extremely limited morphological differentiation was of particular interest.
Cladistics and polychaetes
A series of cladistic analyses assesses the status and membership of the taxon Polychaeta and provides a new classification, which does not use Linnaean categories, and comprises two clades, the Scolecida and Palpata.
The Polychaete Worms: Definitions and Keys to the Orders, Families and Genera
A review of the classification of the Class Polychaeta (Annelida) with comments on the characters used to identify the different included taxa has led to the recognition of seventeen orders. All taxa
The Magnitude of Global Marine Species Diversity
Polychaete systematics: Past and present
The historical background for the current unsatisfactory state of systematics of the polychaetes is demonstrated and knowledge of internal and external structures is discussed, with specific attention to problems associated with incorporating them in recent systematics.
A Review of the Genus Eunice (Polychaeta: Eunicidae) Based upon Type Material
A review of the Genus Eunice (Polychaeta-Eunicidac) based upon type material / Kristian Fauchald finds 206 reasonably well-characterized species into supra-specific taxa using cladistic techniques did not lead to interpretable results.
Polychaetes from intertidal areas in Panama, with a review of previous shallow-water records
A total of 180 species are listed from both coasts of Panama, and relatively fewer species appear widespread in the Pacific than in the Atlantic Ocean, and the eastern Pacific Ocean appears to be more species-rich than the western Atlantic.