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Assessing Impacts of Seasonal Climate Variability on Maize Yield in Kenya
Maize (Zea Mays) is the major food crop in Kenya. Its production variation has devastating consequences on people’s basic food availability. This study will investigate the relationships betweenExpand
A New Flemingia philippinensis Cultivar ‘Qianjinba 3’
‘Qianjinba 3’is a new high-yielding Flemingia philippinensis cultivar,which is derived from the excellent seedling stock plant. It has many excellent characteristics,such as its root weights 36.9 gExpand
Analysis on the Content of Heavy Metals in Flemingia philippinensis
The sample of Flemingia philippinensis was digested by microwave,and the contents of Pb,Cd and Cu were analyzed by atomic absorption spectroscopy,the contents of As and Hg were detected by atomicExpand
Preliminary study on the application of PP333 on Moghania philippinensis.
This research aimed at understanding the improving method for production and the mechanism for growth regular of Moghania philippinensis.M.philippinensis were cultured in three density levels(30,60Expand
Effects of CEPA and KT on Rejuvenation of Eastern Lilly Bulb-lets
Rejuvenation of Eastern lilly bulb-lets treated with hormones CEPA and KT was studied. The result showed that CEPA could promote the weight of the underground bulb effectively, stimulate theExpand
Primary Study on Germination Character of Flemingia Philippinensis Seeds
Objective:Realize the Germination Character and condition of Flemingia Philippinensis Seeds so as to increase the seed-germination percentage.Method:The seeds are processed in different conditions byExpand
Effect of low temperature stress on seed germination and physiological characteristics of Flemingia philippinensis
[Object]The present experiment was conducted to explore the adaptability of Flemingia philippinensis seeds under adverse environmental conditions,especially the low temperature for selecting suitableExpand