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Symmetric Multivariate and Related Distributions
Part 1 Preliminaries: construction of symmetric multivariate distributions notation of algebraic entities and characteristics of random quantities the "d" operator groups and invariance dirichletExpand
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The Meta-elliptical Distributions with Given Marginals
Based on an analysis of copulas of elliptically contoured distributions, joint densities of continuous variables with given strictly increasing marginal distributions are constructed. A methodExpand
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Uniform Design: Theory and Application
A uniform design (UD) seeks design points that are uniformly scattered on the domain. Expand
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Asymptotics for kernel estimate of sliced inverse regression
To explore nonlinear structures hidden in high-dimensional data and to estimate the effective dimension reduction directions in multivariate nonparametric regression, Li and Duan proposed the slicedExpand
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The effective dimension and quasi-Monte Carlo integration
We analyse certain function classes commonly used in QMC methods for empirical and theoretical investigations and show that the problem of determining their effective dimension is analytically tractable. Expand
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Ch. 4. Uniform experimental designs and their applications in industry
The uniform experimental design is one kind of space filling designs that can be used for computer experiments and also for industrial experiments when the underlying model is unknown. The uniformExpand
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A note on generalized aberration in factorial designs
Abstract. In this paper we extend the wordlength pattern and minimum aberration for non-regular factorials. The new concepts, the generalized wordlength pattern and minimum generalized aberration,Expand
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Centered L2-discrepancy of random sampling and Latin hypercube design, and construction of uniform designs
In this paper properties and construction of designs under a centered version of the L2-discrepancy are analyzed. Expand
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Testing multivariate uniformity and its applications
Some new statistics are proposed to test the uniformity of random samples in the multidimensional unit cube [0, 1] d (d ≥ 2). Expand
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