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Chemostratigraphy of the Paleoproterozoic Duitschland Formation, South Africa: Implications for Coupled Climate Change and Carbon Cycling
The Paleoproterozoic Duitschland Formation lies stratigraphically beneath the Timeball Hill Formation, which contains the only unequivocal glacial unit of this era in the Transvaal Basin, SouthExpand
Geochemistry of Archean shales from the Pilbara Supergroup, Western Australia
Archean clastic sedimentary rocks are well exposed in the Pilbara Block of Western Australia. Shales from turbidites in the Gorge Creek Group (ca. 3.4 Ae) and shales from the Whim Creek Group (ca.Expand
A new window into Early Archean life: Microbial mats in Earth's oldest siliciclastic tidal deposits (3.2 Ga Moodies Group, South Africa)
Newly discovered sedimentary structures produced by ancient microbial mats in Early Archean sandstones of the 3.2 Ga Moodies Group, South Africa, differ fundamentally in appearance and genesis fromExpand
Geochemistry of shales from the Archean (~3.0 Ga) Buhwa Greenstone Belt, Zimbabwe: Implications for provenance and source-area weathering
Abstract Phyllites from the Archean (~3.0 Ga) Buhwa Greenstone Belt, Zimbabwe, were deposited on a stable cratonic platform. Analyses of the phyllites generally define a single geochemical groupExpand
Quantifying the Timing and Rate of Crustal Evolution: Global Compilation of Radiometrically Dated Detrital Zircon Grains
Multiple models (steady state, episodic, and early growth followed by crustal reworking) have been postulated to explain the evolution of Earth’s continental crust. An independent assessment of theseExpand
Early Proterozoic crustal evolution: Geochemical and NdPb isotopic evidence from metasedimentary rocks, southwestern North America
Early Proterozoic ( 1X- 1.7 Ga) metasedimentary rocks in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado, USA, can be divided into turbidite successions (commonly volcanogenic) associated with mafic/Expand
Evidence for Multiple Recycling in Neoproterozoic through Pennsylvanian Sedimentary Rocks of the Central Appalachian Basin
The petrography of sandstones and neodymium (Nd) isotope compositions of mudstones from the central Appalachians indicate changing provenances during the late Neoproterozoic through PennsylvanianExpand
Evidence for Paleoproterozoic cap carbonates in North America
The early Paleoproterozoic Snowy Pass Supergroup of the Medicine Bow Mountains and Sierra Madre, Wyoming, USA and Huronian Supergroup, Ontario, Canada were deposited along the present-day southernExpand
Sequence Stratigraphy of Upper Mississippian Strata in the Central Appalachians: A Record of Glacioeustasy and Tectonoeustasy in a Foreland Basin Setting
The Upper Mississippian Hinton, Princeton, and Bluestone formations of southern West Virginia constitute a westward-thinning wedge of strata that filled the central Appalachian basin overExpand