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DARWIN mission and configuration trade-off
The European DARWIN mission aims at detection and characterization of Earth-like exo-planets as well as at aperture synthesis imaging. The method to be applied is nulling interferometry in theExpand
Space-based infrared interferometry to study exoplanetary atmospheres
The quest for other habitable worlds and the search for life among them are major goals of modern astronomy. One way to make progress towards these goals is to obtain high-quality spectra of a largeExpand
Terrestrial exo-planet science by nulling interferometry: instrument design and scientific performance
The detection of terrestrial exo-planets in the habitable zone of Sun-like stars as well as the proof of biomarkers is one of the most exciting goals in Astrophysics today. A nulling interferometerExpand
X-array aperture configuration in planar or non-planar spacecraft formation for Darwin/TPF-I candidate architectures
The missions DARWIN and TPF-I (Terrestrial Planet Finder-Interferometer) aim at the search and analysis of terrestrial exo-planets orbiting nearby stars. The major technical challenge is the hugeExpand
Optimal simulated annealing schedules for self similar systems
The successful application of the stochastic optimization method known as simulated annealing can depend very much on the optimal schedule for a special class of systems with known properties. Expand
Dual absolute and relative high precision laser metrology
Design, integration, test setup, test results, and lessons-learnt of a high precision laser metrology demonstrator for dual absolute and relative laser distance metrology. Expand
FINCH: time-dependent simulation of nulling interferometry for the DARWIN mission
The FINCH project is realized by two parallel activities: (1) a simulator for the Guidance, Navigation and Control (FINCH/GNC) of the free-flying satellite array, and (2) a simulation for the optical subsystems and the beam propagation within the system. Expand
Evaluating the potential of alternating phase-shift masks using lithography simulation
This paper quantifies the expected gain in the process window of 150nm structures printed with DUV for alt PSM vs. COG masks and HT PSM. Most of the analysis was performed for dense lines andExpand
Exo-zodi detection capability of the Ground-Based European Nulling Interferometry Experiment (GENIE) instrument.
The Ground-Based European Nulling Interferometry Experiment (GENIE) is intended as an Earth-based precursor for the European Darwin mission that will prepare the Darwin science program andExpand