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Scholarship and the ship of state: Rethinking the Anglo-American strategic decline analogy
This article uses the centenary of the First World War as an opportunity to re-examine a major element of the existing literature on the war—the strategic implications of supposed British decline—asExpand
Review: Warfare State
WARFARE STATE Britain, 1920-1970 David Edgerton Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006. 304pp, $38.95 paper (ISBN 0521672317).David Edgerton sets out to challenge what he regards as two relatedExpand
A Useful Category of Analysis?
This chapter examines the transformation of US foreign relations in the period from 1865 to 1918. Some historians have explicitly analyzed this transformation in terms of “grand strategy.” Others whoExpand
Imperial Airs: Leo Amery, Air Power and Empire, 1873–1945
In January 1904, at a lecture by a famous geographer, only a few weeks after the first flight of the Wright brothers, a young journalist named Leo Amery argued that air power would become a majorExpand
Locking Down the City (Well, Not Quite): APEC 2007 and urban citizenship in Sydney
Abstract This article critically analyses security measures put in place for the 2007 APEC Leaders’ Meeting in Sydney. Drawing on an emerging repertoire of international summit security techniques,Expand
Are Sino-US relations really comparable to the WWI-era Anglo-German rivalry?
Imperial Germany's rivalry with Britain is often used as an analogy to explain the contemporary US-China relationship. Kate Epstein explains why this interpretation of the past is based on anExpand
1 America’s Weapons of the Weak
The other visible hand: National security and intellectual property in the United States before World War I
Using torpedo development as a case study, this article examines the tension between the national security interests of the state and the intellectual property interests of defense contractors in theExpand