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Hydriding behavior in Ca/1bMg/1bNi/1bB
Abstract Hydriding behavior (thermodynamic, kinetic and structural data) of selected materials in Ca/1bMg/1bNi/1bB is reported. A number of new hydrides is established including CaNi 2 H 3.4 , CaNi 3Expand
Fictionalizing History: David Bradley's The Chaneysville Incident
In his second novel, The Chaneysville Incident (1981), David Bradley has presented a narrative text in which authenticated historical material is so charged with the expressive claims of fiction asExpand
Hydrides and valence changes in some compounds of YbNi, YbPd and related systems
Abstract The hydriding behaviour (thermodynamic, structural and magnetic data) of selected intermetallic AB and AB 2 compounds (A La, Er, Yb, Lu; B Ni, Pd) is reported. YbNi (FeB type) can beExpand
Dominant reaction channels and the mechanism of silane decomposition in a H2-Si(s)-SiH4 glow discharge
Chemical relaxation mass spectrometry has been used to study the kinetics and mechanism in the silane-hydrogen-solid silicon system under conditions of glow discharge. The emphasis was on the mainExpand
On the structure of CaNi5H5
Walker, Alice [Malsenior]
In der imposanten Reihe zeitgenossischer afroamerikanischer Autorinnen nimmt Alice Walker neben Toni Morrison einen herausgehobenen Platz ein. Sie zeigte sich von Beginn ihrer Karriere an als eineExpand