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We compile phenomenological constraints on the minimal low-energy effective theory which can be obtained from the superstring by Calabi-Yau compactification. Mixing with the single additional neutral
MSSM flat direction inflation : slow roll, stability, fine tuning and reheating.
We consider low scale slow roll inflation driven by the gauge-invariant flat directions udd and LLe of the minimally supersymmetric standard model at the vicinity of a saddle point of the scalar
Expression of Interest for a very long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment (LBNO)
This Expression of Interest (EoI) describes the motivation for and the feasibility studies of a long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment (LBNO) with a new conventional neutrino beamline facility
Lemaitre–Tolman–Bondi model and accelerating expansion
I discuss the spherically symmetric but inhomogeneous Lemaitre–Tolman–Bondi (LTB) metric, which provides an exact toy model for an inhomogeneous universe. Since we observe light rays from the past
On Primordial Magnetic Fields
A primordial magnetic field could be responsible for the observed magnetic fields of the galaxies. One possibility is that such a primordial field is generated at the electroweak phase transition
The effect of inhomogeneous expansion on the supernova observations
We consider an inhomogeneous but spherically symmetric Lemaitre–Tolman–Bondi model to demonstrate that spatial variations of the expansion rate can have a significant effect on the cosmological
Gauge invariant MSSM inflaton
We argue that all the necessary ingredients for successful inflation are present in the flat directions of the Minimally Supersymmetric Standard Model. We show that out of many gauge invariant
Neutrino annihilation in hot plasma
Abstract We consider neutrino annihilation in a heat bath, including annihilation via the photon. We show that the annihilation cross section has high and narrow peaks corresponding to a plasmon
Stringent cosmological bounds on inert neutrino mixing
We study neutrino oscillations in the early universe induced by a non-trivial vacuum mixing between an inert SU(2)×U(1) singlet and a weakly interacting doublet neutrino. Excluded regions in the
Q-balls and baryogenesis in the MSSM
We show that Q-balls naturally exist in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM) with soft SUSY breaking terms of the minimal N = 1 SUGRA type. These are associated with the F-and D-flat