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Matrix Representation of Linear Operators on Product Spaces
We give a condition for an operator A deened on a product space E which ensures that it can be represented in matrix form. Combining this representation with our earlier work on one-sided coupledExpand
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Three different actin filament assemblies occur in every hair cell: each contains a specific actin crosslinking protein
The apex of hair cells of the chicken auditory organ contains three different kinds of assemblies of actin filaments in close spatial proximity. These are (a) paracrystals of actin filaments withExpand
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Generation of antibodies against human hsp27 and murine hsp25 by immunization with a chimeric small heat shock protein.
A hybrid protein containing the N-terminal part of the murine stress protein hsp25 (amino acids 1 to 110) and the C-terminal part of the human stress protein hsp27 (amino acids 111 to 208) wasExpand
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Fetomaternale Makrotransfusion (FMMT) nach erfolgreicher innerer Wendung aus Beckenendlage durch Moxibustion
: In a primigravida with a fundal/anterior wall placenta, a successful cephalic version was noted at 39 weeks after repeated moxibustion of the point Zhiyin (bl 67). Since routine foetal heart rateExpand
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CA 15-3 und CEA als Tumormarker zur Rezidivdiagnostik beim Mammakarzinom
: The significance of the tumor markers CA 15-3 and CEA for the oncological follow-up of breast cancer was examined in a retrospective analysis of 108 patients in whom, before and afterExpand
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Lokalrezidivrate und Überleben bei Patientinnen mit Brustrekonstruktion nach Mastektomie
: A retrospective study was conducted covering 100 patients who underwent breast reconstruction with plastic prostheses following mastectomy during the period from 1975 to May 1986. They wereExpand
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Einfluß von operativem Vorgehen und adjuvanten Therapien auf das kosmetische Ergebnis nach brusterhaltender Therapie (BET) beim Mammakarzinom
: A total of 207 patients undergoing breast conserving therapy (BCT, excision of tumour with clear margins, radiotherapy, sequential chemotherapy for node-positive patients) were clinically evaluatedExpand
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Safety evaluation of the food enzyme lysophospholipase from Trichoderma reesei (strain RF7206)
Abstract The food enzyme lysophospholipase (EC is produced with the genetically modified Trichoderma reesei strain RF7206 by AB Enzymes GmbH. The genetic modifications do not give rise toExpand
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Nebenwirkungen und Komplikationen bei der brusterhaltenden Therapie des Mammakarzinoms
: From 1975 to June 1987, a total of 664 women underwent breast-conserving therapy for invasive carcinoma at the University Hospital for Women, Heidelberg, FRG (562 patients: surgicalExpand
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Acceleration of Diabetic Wound Healing with PHD2- and miR-210-Targeting Oligonucleotides.
In diabetes-associated chronic wounds, the normal response to hypoxia is impaired and many cellular processes involved in wound healing are hindered. Central to the hypoxia response isExpand
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