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The impact of environmental performance on firm performance: static and dynamic panel data evidence
Abstract There is a long-standing debate on the impact of environmental performance on firm performance. Although previous studies have reported mixed results, many of these papers suffer from modelExpand
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Does CEO Duality Really Affect Corporate Performance?
Most research investigating the impact of board leadership structure as a corporate governance mechanism, on corporate performance has focused largely on either the Anglo-American context or theExpand
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A Multi-Theory Perspective of Board Leadership Structure: What Does the Egyptian Corporate Governance Context Tell Us?
Much of the existing research in corporate governance has been directed at examining the consequences of board leadership structure on various organizational issues, with little to say about theExpand
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Board size and corporate performance: the missing role of board leadership structure
Different arguments have been introduced in the literature both for and against large and small board sizes. In this context, empirical evidence regarding the impact of board size on corporateExpand
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The impact of financial performance on environmental policy: does firm life cycle matter?
Existing literature has provided inconclusive evidence regarding the impact of financial performance on firm policy relating to environmental issues. In this paper, we propose that the influence ofExpand
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Reexamining the Expected Effect of Available Resources and Firm Size on Firm Environmental Orientation: An Empirical Study of UK Firms
An emergent body of literature examined why some firms apply some environmental initiatives while other firms do not take responsibility for their natural environment? Thus, firm environmentalExpand
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Exploring the relationship between efficiency of inventory management and firm performance: an empirical research
Inventory-firm performance relationship is a fast growing research area that attracted considerable research attention in the literature of production and operations management. To date, publishedExpand
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Reexamining the relationship between inventory management and firm performance: An organizational life cycle perspective
Abstract Existing evidence regarding inventory-performance relationship is inconclusive. A perspective that this paper stresses in considering this relationship is that it might depend onExpand
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Impact of Sustainable Supply Chain Management Practices on Egyptian Companies’ Performance
The adoption of the Sustainable Supply Chain Management practices by companies in the private sector of Egypt aids to achieve its sustainable development strategy: Egypt Vision 2030, which alignsExpand
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The mediating effect of financial performance on the relationship between social responsibility and ownership structure
Abstract Existing literature is inconclusive about the relationship between social responsibility and institutional investors as it assumes, implicitly, that this relationship is direct. AnExpand
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