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Economic Sanctions Reconsidered: History and Current Policy
Part 1 Introduction: lessons drawn from case studies historical overview the cyclical popularity of sanctions sender countries and their motives limitations on the use of sanctions plan of the book.Expand
US Economic Sanctions: Their Impact on Trade, Jobs, and Wages
Economic sanctions have resurfaced at the center of public policy debate. After a brief lull following the politically disastrous grain embargo and pipeline sanctions in the early 1980s, sanctionsExpand
Measuring the Costs of Protection in the United States
This comprehensive study finds that tariffs and quantitative import restrictions in place in 1990 cost American consumers about $70 billion, more than 1 percent of GDP. The net national welfare loss,Expand
Corruption and the Global Economy
The recently-adopted OECD convention outlawing bribery of foreign public officials is welcome evidence of how much progress has been made in the battle against corruption. The financial crisis inExpand
A Career Locus of Control Scale for Undergraduate Students
This paper describes the development and initial validation of a measure of locus of control as it relates to the career process among college students. The scale is shown to be related to theExpand
Reciprocity and Retaliation in U.S. Trade Policy
The increasing use of activist unilateral policies by the United States to open foreign markets or deter unfair trading practices is highly controversial. This study reexamines the arguments for andExpand
Can Labor Standards Improve Under Globalization
Protesters now routinely fill the streets when any large, formal meeting dealing with international economic issues takes place. They express concern about the potential social and environmentalExpand
The Sanctions Glass: Half Full or Completely Empty?
  • K. Elliott
  • Political Science
  • International Security
  • 22 January 1998
~ I n “Why Economic Sanctions Do Not Work,”’ Robert Pape sets up a straw man and then boldly proceeds to knock it down. His target is an “emerging optimism” about sanctions, which in hisExpand
Diagnosis and Surgical Management of Nasopalatine Duct Cysts
Nasopalatine duct cysts are the most common cystic lesion of nonodontogenic origin of the maxilla and surgical management of this entity is discussed. Expand