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Parvalbumin‐containing GABAergic neurons in the basal ganglia output system of the rat
It is suggested that the parvalbumin‐containing neurons of the SNR, SNL, and EPN are the tonically active output neurons that form a major link in the disinhibitory neuronal circuit of the basal ganglia, especially that concerned with sensorimotor function. Expand
A direct brain interface based on event-related potentials.
Cross-correlation between a trigger-averaged event-related potential (ERP) template and continuous electrocorticogram was used to detect movement-related ERP's and were considered appropriate for operation of a direct brain interface. Expand
Hippocampal volumetry for lateralization of temporal lobe epilepsy: Automated versus manual methods
An entropy-based segmentation algorithm for subcortical brain structures (LocalInfo) was developed and supplemented by both a new multiple atlas strategy and a free-form deformation step to capture structural variability and may prove to be more reliable than currently published automatic segmentation algorithms. Expand
Dataset of Magnetic Resonance Images of Nonepileptic Subjects and Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Patients for Validation of Hippocampal Segmentation Techniques
A publicly available dataset of T1-weighted (T1W) MR images of epileptic and nonepileptic subjects along with their hippocampal outlines is developed to provide a means of evaluation of segmentation techniques. Expand
Biotinylated dextran: a versatile anterograde and retrograde neuronal tracer
Biotinylated dextran is an efficient anterograde and retrograde tracer that can be combined with other neuroanatomical techniques to study details of synaptic interaction at all levels of dendritic organization. Expand
SPARC: a signal of astrocytic neoplastic transformation and reactive response in human primary and xenograft gliomas.
Data suggest that the early onset of increased SPARC expression, though complex, may serve as a signal indicative of neoplastic astrocytic transformation and reactive response to tumor-induced stress. Expand
Fourth ventricular schwannoma. Case report.
A schwannoma arising from the dorsum of the pontomedullary junction and presenting as an exophytic mass in the fourth ventricle is described. A ventricular schwannoma has not previously been reportedExpand
Neurochemical compartmentalization of the globus pallidus in the rat: An immunocytochemical study of calcium‐binding proteins
The results indicate three neurochemically distinct compartments within the globus pallidus external segment: a narrow rim at the striatopallidal junction in the rostral two‐thirds of the Globus palidus that contains calbindin D28kDa immunoreactivity designated as the “border zone” of the globu pallids. Expand
Deep Learning with Edge Computing for Localization of Epileptogenicity Using Multimodal rs-fMRI and EEG Big Data
An autonomic edge computing framework is proposed for processing of big data as part of a decision support system for surgical candidacy, and an optimized model for estimation of the epileptogenic network using independently acquired EEG and rs-fMRI is presented. Expand
Detection of event-related potentials for development of a direct brain interface.
The results demonstrate the likely prospect of using ERP detection as the basis of a single-switch direct brain interface and that furthermore, there is a good possibility of obtaining multiple control channels using this approach. Expand