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Food habits and foraging of the brown bear Ursus arctos in central south Norway
Analysis of 134 excrement samples from the brown bear Ursus arctos L in boreal forests m central south Norway found volumes to be largest for Vaccinium spp, herbage Empetrum spp, and Formicidae TheExpand
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Human impact on a brown bear population (Ursus arctos L.)
Abstract The effect of human disturbance and activities upon a small, remnant brown bear population in southern Norway was studied throughout a 25-year period. Bear reports are compared with indicesExpand
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Life cycles of the freshwater, planktonic copepod Cyclops scutifer Sars on a north–south gradient in North America
AbstractA seasonal cycle longer than one year is exceptional both among marine and freshwater zooplankton, but occurs widely in the freshwater cyclopoid Cyclops scutiferSars. This paper presents theExpand
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On the Distribution and Ecology of Cyclops Scutifer Sars in New England (Copepoda, Crustacea)
Cyclops scutifer Sars was found to be common in lakes in the Rangeley Lake area in Maine, and present in a few lakes in the northwestern corner of Connecticut. The species was found in deeper lakesExpand
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Extraordinary prolongation of the life cycle in a freshwater planktonic copepod
The limnetic copepod Cyclops scutifer Sars shows an extraordinarily prolonged life cycle in a temperate lake near Oslo, Norway. Developmental sequences become one, two, and three years old, and thereExpand
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Two‐ and three‐year life cycles in the planktonic copepod Cyclops scutifer in two high mountain lakes
The life cycles of Cyclops scutifer Sars (Copepoda, Crustacea) in two high mountain lakes in Norway, Gjende and Bessvatn in Jotunheimen, are presented. The population in Gjende has an exclusive 2-yrExpand
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