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Atomic force microscopy analysis and confocal Raman microimaging of coated pellets.
Polymer-coated pellets with different coating thicknesses have been studied regarding coating morphology and drug release properties with atomic force microscopy (AFM) and confocal Raman microscopy.Expand
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An AFM Study of Lipid Monolayers. 1. Pressure-Induced Phase Behavior of Single and Mixed Fatty Acids
Monolayers of palmitic (C16:0) and lignoceric acid (C24:0) and their equimolar mixture were transferred to a hydrophilic mica substrate at various surface pressures and investigated by means ofExpand
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Rectangular solid domains in ceramide-cholesterol monolayers - 2D crystals.
Very small rectangular domains were observed by atomic force microscopy in binary monolayers of synthetic ceramides and cholesterol. When the cholesterol content is increased the domains are biggerExpand
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The skin barrier from a lipid perspective.
This contribution summarises the results from a number of investigations undertaken in the spirit of the Domain Mosaic Model proposed by Forslind in 1994. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) studies on theExpand
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[Midwives' need--of men! Observations from two "converts"].