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The Muscle Protein Dok-7 Is Essential for Neuromuscular Synaptogenesis
The formation of the neuromuscular synapse requires muscle-specific receptor kinase (MuSK) to orchestrate postsynaptic differentiation, including the clustering of receptors for the neurotransmitterExpand
Protein expression and functional difference of membrane-bound and soluble receptor activator of NF-kappaB ligand: modulation of the expression by osteotropic factors and cytokines.
The present study indicates the usefulness of LRP Western blot analysis, which shows that the modulation of osteoclastogenesis by humoral factors is achieved, in part, by regulation of the expression of RANKL and OPG in osteoblast/stromal lineage cells. Expand
Hepatic steatosis is a risk factor for hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection
The objective of this study was to determine the relation between hepatic steatosis and hepatocarcinogenesis in patients with chronic HCV infection. Expand
Risk for ischemic heart disease and all-cause mortality in subclinical hypothyroidism.
The results indicate that subclinical hypothyroidism is associated with ischemic heart disease and might affect all-cause mortality in men and the influence of thyroid antibody presence is unable to detect. Expand
Systematic search for single nucleotide polymorphisms in a lymphoid tyrosine phosphatase gene (PTPN22): Association between a promoter polymorphism and type 1 diabetes in Asian populations
The type 1 diabetes association with PTPN22 is confirmed, but it cannot be attributed solely to the +1858C > T variant, and the promoter −1123G‬>‬C SNP is a more likely causative variant in PTPn22. Expand
Serum cytokine and soluble cytokine receptor levels in patients with non‐alcoholic steatohepatitis
The role of proinflammatory cytokines and their soluble receptors in NASH patients is elucidated in order to elucidate the role in the pathogenesis of non‐alcoholic steatohepatitis. Expand
Cytoplasmic destruction of p53 by the endoplasmic reticulum‐resident ubiquitin ligase ‘Synoviolin’
It is reported that Synoviolin targets tumor suppressor gene p53 for ubiquitination and provides novel insights into p53 signaling mediated by Synviolin. Expand
The serum levels of resistin in rheumatoid arthritis patients.
Serum resistin levels were significantly increased in RA patients and correlated with inflammatory markers and TNF-alpha, suggesting that resistin may play a role in the rheumatoid inflammatory process. Expand
Clinical differences between interstitial lung disease associated with clinically amyopathic dermatomyositis and classic dermatomyositis.
The data suggest that the higher prevalence of the acute subtype of ILD in patients with CADM results in a higher mortality rate for patientswith CADM-ILD. Expand
Proteasome assembly defect due to a proteasome subunit beta type 8 (PSMB8) mutation causes the autoinflammatory disorder, Nakajo-Nishimura syndrome
The results show that a mutation within a proteasomesome subunit is the direct cause of a human disease and suggest that decreased proteasome activity can cause inflammation. Expand