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Climate change 2014: impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability - Part B: regional aspects - Contribution of Working Group II to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
ion and from groundwater resources (medium confidence), in the context of increased demand (from agriculture, energy and industry, and domestic use) and cross-sectoral implications that are not fully
A new scenario framework for climate change research: the concept of shared socioeconomic pathways
A conceptual framework for how to define and develop a set of Shared Socioeconomic Pathways (SSPs) for use within the scenario framework for climate change research is proposed.
Managing the risks of extreme events and disasters to advance climate change adaptation. Special report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
This Special Report on Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation (SREX) has been jointly coordinated by Working Groups I (WGI) and II (WGII) of the
Guidance Note for Lead Authors of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report on Consistent Treatment of Uncertainties
These guidance notes are intended to assist Lead Authors of the Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) in the consistent treatment of uncertainties across all three Working Groups. These notes define a common
Determinants of risk: Exposure and vulnerability
This chapter aims to provide a rigorous understanding of the dimensions of exposure and vulnerability, as well as a proper assessment of changes in those dimensions, by further detailing the determinants of risk as presented in Chapter 1.
Climate variability and change in the United States: potential impacts on vector- and rodent-borne diseases.
The tremendous growth in international travel increases the risk of importation of vector-borne diseases, some of which can be transmitted locally under suitable circumstances at the right time of the year, and it is unlikely that these diseases will cause major epidemics in the United States if the public health infrastructure is maintained and improved.