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Screening, isolation and characterization of protease producing moderately halophilic microorganism Halomonas meridiana associated with coral mucus
Proteases constitute an important component of global enzyme sales, and a relevant part of this market consists of bacterial proteases. Proteases constitute one of the important groups of industrialExpand
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The Gulf of Mannar, is a unique marine habitat with diverse of macroalgae. Macroalgae are primitive non flowering marine plants, which have rich sources of bioactive compounds (i.e., proteins,Expand
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The Presence of Biomarker Enzymes of Selected Scleractinian Corals of Palk Bay, Southeast Coast of India
The health and existence of coral reefs are in danger by an increasing range of environmental and anthropogenic impacts. The causes of coral reef decline include worldwide climate change, shorelineExpand
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Antimicrobial Peptide from Marine Sponge Clathria indica, (Dendy,1889)
Marine sponges are potential of new antibiotic. Sponges are believed to have developed secondary metabolites that are active against different strains of microorganisms as part of their defenses andExpand
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Studies on the influence of mycorrhiza on the growth and physiology of Vigna unguiculata and Abelmoschus esculentus
Diverse forms of microorganisms present in the soil and near the roots of plants, which play a vital role in numerous physiological processes, have attracted the attention of scientists. The dynamicExpand
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Virulent Factors of Coral Pathogen Serratia Marcescens Associated With White Pox Disease Acropora Formosa , Palk Bay , Southeast Coast of India
---Diverse forms of microorganisms are present in coral holobiont, which not only comprises microbial communities; it also comprises coral animal and endosymbiotic dinoflagellates. EndosymbioticExpand