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Molecular structure and function of P2X receptors
ATP-gated P2X receptors are trimeric ion channels selective to cations. Recent progress in the molecular biophysics of these channels enables a better understanding of their function. In particular,Expand
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On the permeation of large organic cations through the pore of ATP-gated P2X receptors
Significance Unlike many ion channels whose pore conductances remain relatively stable over time, it is thought that prolonged ATP applications to P2X receptors cause a striking increase over time inExpand
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New Insights Into Permeation of Large Cations Through ATP-Gated P2X Receptors
The permeability of large cations through the P2X pore has remained arguably the most controversial and complicated topic in P2X-related research, with the emergence of conflicting studies on theExpand
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Developing Asynchronous MBA Courses in the World Wide Web
This article describes the use of the Internet and the World Wide Web for the asynchronous delivery of MBA coursework. Expand
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