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Aurora B regulates MCAK at the mitotic centromere.
Chromosome orientation and alignment within the mitotic spindle requires the Aurora B protein kinase and the mitotic centromere-associated kinesin (MCAK). Here, we report the regulation of MCAK byExpand
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Common Cutaneous Bacteria from the Eastern Red-Backed Salamander Can Inhibit Pathogenic Fungi
Abstract The objective of this study was to characterize the cutaneous antifungal bacterial flora of a plethodontid salamander, Plethodon cinereus, and to relate our results to aspects of amphibianExpand
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A history of medical informatics
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Improved fluorometric and chromatographic methods for the quantification of fumonisins B(1), B(2) and B(3).
Fumonisins pose serious health risks to humans and livestock, making their detection imperative in foods and feedstuffs. This detection can be accomplished quickly, precisely and accurately in aExpand
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Effect of Thermal Sintering on Light-Off Performance of Pd/(Ce,Zr)Ox/Al2O3 Three-Way Catalysts: Model Gas and Engine Tests
The effect of thermal degradation on the catalytic performance in light-off tests of Pd three-way catalysts supported on alumina and promoted with Ce–Zr mixed oxides has been investigated eitherExpand
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Sarcosine based indandione hGlyT1 inhibitors.
A series of sarcosine based indandione hGlyT1 inhibitors has been developed. Optimization of substitution around the indandione and sarcosine moieties has led to highly potent inhibitors at hGlyT1,Expand
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Footprint pressures and locomotion of moas and ungulates and their effects on the New Zealand indigenous biota through trampling
Foot area and structure, body weight and locomotion are compared in moas and ungulates to give estimates of pressure and edge loading when standing and moving. Moa foot pressures ranged from 0.15Expand
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pH sensing in living cells using fluorescent microspheres.
Intracellular pH in living cells is measured in real time at the single cell level using fluorescently covalently loaded microspheres as efficient carrier systems and stable sensors. The use of theseExpand
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Remodelling of Neuromuscular Systems During Insect Metamorphosis
During metamorphosis in the hawkmoth, Manduca sexta , the larval thoracic legs are replaced by a new set of adult legs that include new sensory neurons and muscles, and participate in new patterns ofExpand
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