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Personality and Healthy Sleep: The Importance of Conscientiousness and Neuroticism
Although previous research has shown personality and sleep are each substantial predictors of health throughout the lifespan, little is known about links between personality and healthy sleepExpand
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Autonomic activity during sleep predicts memory consolidation in humans
Significance We present the first evidence, to our knowledge, that the autonomic nervous system (ANS) plays a role in associative memory consolidation during sleep. Compared with a Quiet Wake controlExpand
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Automatic detection of rapid eye movements (REMs): A machine learning approach
BACKGROUND Rapid eye movements (REMs) are a defining feature of REM sleep. The number of discrete REMs over time, or REM density, has been investigated as a marker of clinical psychopathology andExpand
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Hand Gesture and Mathematics Learning: Lessons From an Avatar
A beneficial effect of gesture on learning has been demonstrated in multiple domains, including mathematics, science, and foreign language vocabulary. However, because gesture is known to co-varyExpand
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Perceived sleep quality: The interplay of neuroticism, affect, and hyperarousal☆,☆☆
Introduction: Many adults experience poor sleep quality, and personality traits have emerged as important predictors of self‐reported sleep. However, it is still unclear whether personality predictsExpand
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Animation Stimuli System for Research on Instructor Gestures in Education
Education research has shown that instructor gestures can help capture, maintain, and direct the student’s attention during a lecture as well as enhance learning and retention. Traditional educationExpand
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REM sleep rescues learning from interference
Classical human memory studies investigating the acquisition of temporally-linked events have found that the memories for two events will interfere with each other and cause forgetting (i.e.,Expand
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The benefit of offline sleep and wake for novel object recognition
Abstract How do we segment and recognize novel objects? When explicit cues from motion and color are available, object boundary detection is relatively easy. However, under conditions of deepExpand
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Sleep: A Pathway Linking Personality to Mortality Risk.
Personality and sleep predict longevity; however, no investigation has tested whether sleep mediates this association. Thus, we tested this effect across a 20-year follow-up (N = 3,759) in theExpand
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