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NL-3 K Strain Is a Stable and Naturally Occurring Interspecific Recombinant Derived from Bean common mosaic necrosis virus and Bean common mosaic virus.
The increased symptom severity on selected common bean lines induced by NL-3 K suggests that the P1 gene may play a significant role in pathogenicity and virulence.
Phylogenetic analysis of the Potyviridae with emphasis on legume-infecting potyviruses
Evidence is provided for delineation of BCMNV as distinct from BCMV and the inclusion of azuki mosaic, dendrobium mosaic, blackeye cowpea mosaic, and peanut stripe viruses as strains ofBCMV.
Complete nucleotide sequences and genome organization of a cherry isolate of cherry leaf roll virus
The complete nucleotide sequence of cherry leaf roll virus (CLRV) from a naturally infected cherry tree (Prunus avium cv. Bing) in North America was determined and Phylogenetic analysis reveals close relationships between CLRV and members of subgroup C of the genus Nepovirus.
Serological and Molecular Assays for Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Iris yellow spot virus Infection of Bulb and Seed Onion Crops.
Iris yellow spot virus (IYSV) has spread rapidly in the United States and has become an important economic constraint to the production of both bulb and seed onion crops. Symptoms caused by IYSV may
Dahlia mosaic virus and Tobacco streak virus in Dahlia (Dahlia variabilis) in New Zealand.
The results suggested the prevalence of dahlia mosaic-associated caulimoviruses in several d Dahlia cultivars and the presence of TSV in New Zealand dahlias.
Occurrence of Two Little Cherry Viruses in Sweet Cherry in Washington State.
Little cherry disease, one of the major viral diseases of sweet cherry (Prunus avium) worldwide, is associated with either of two closteroviruses, Little cherry virus 1 (LChV-1) and Little cherry
Complete nucleotide sequence of a virus associated with rusty mottle disease of sweet cherry (Prunus avium)
The complete genomic nucleotide sequences of virus isolates from two trees expressing cherry rusty mottle disease symptoms are characterized; the virus is designated cherry rustymottle associated virus (CRMaV) and its biological and molecular characteristics are described.
Complete genome organization of American hop latent virus and its relationship to carlaviruses
Analysis of the coat protein coding sequence at both the nucleic acid level and the amino acid level indicates that AHLV is only remotely related to the other carlaviruses known to infect common hop.
Complete nucleotide sequence of a strain of cherry mottle leaf virus associated with peach wart disease in peach
The complete nucleotide sequence and genome organization of a peach virus isolate from a naturally infected peach tree showing typical peach wart-like symptoms on the fruit surface was determined and
The complete nucleotide sequences of bean common mosaic necrosis virus strains NL-5, NL-8 and TN-1
The complete genome sequences of these three strains of BCMNV are reported here because several isolates of strain NL-3 have been sequenced and are available in GenBank; however, the sequences of strains NL-5, NL-8 and TN-1 are unavailable.