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The nitric acid burn trauma of the skin.
Nitric acid burn traumata often occur in the chemical industry. A few publications addressing this topic can be found in the medical database, and there are no reports about these traumata inExpand
Informatics in radiology: use of a C-arm fluoroscopy simulator to support training in intraoperative radiography.
Mobile image intensifier systems (C-arms) are used frequently in orthopedic and reconstructive surgery, especially in trauma and emergency settings, but image quality and radiation exposure levelsExpand
[Functional results of dynamic gait analysis after 1 year of hobby-athletes with a surgically treated ankle fracture].
Retrospectively 20 patients with a surgically treated ankle fracture caused by hobby-accidents were examined clinically and radiologically by a score modified to Phillips after 12 monthsExpand
Gamification and virtual reality for teaching mobile x-ray imaging
We present a simulation-based training system to support training of operating room personnel in a virtual environment for intraoperative C-arm imaging. Expand
Compartment pressure in the carpal tunnel in distal fractures of the radius
In a prospective controlled study, carpal tunnel tissue pressures were determined in a group of 56 patients with distal dislocated fractures of the radius at initial presentation, immediately priorExpand
Migration, Matrix Production and Lamellar Bone Formation of Human Osteoblast-Like Cells in Porous Titanium Implants
The goal of this study was to characterize growth, mineralization and bone formation of osteoblast-like cells in titanium pore channels of defined diameter. Titanium implants with continuous drillExpand
Urinary tract injuries in patients with multiple trauma
This article mainly reviews urinary tract injuries in patients with multiple trauma. Approximately 10% of all traumatic injuries resulting from an external force will involve the genitourinaryExpand
[Repeated routine determination of pulmonary microvascular permeability after polytrauma].
We present a technique to measure pulmonary microvascular permeability for albumin in patients with multiple trauma by means of bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL). Routine laboratory tests for the analysisExpand
virtX - evaluation of a computer-based training system for mobile C-arm systems in trauma and orthopedic surgery.
OBJECTIVES Operating room personnel (ORP) operating mobile image intensifier systems (C-arms) need training to produce high quality radiographs with a minimum of time and X-ray exposure. Our studyExpand
[A bipolar radial head prosthesis after comminuted radial head fractures: indications, treatment and outcome after 5 years].
The treatment of comminuted fractures of the radial head with concomitant injuries of the ulnar complex by resection of the radial head usually does not provide satisfactory long-term results. OtherExpand