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An Exploration of the Viability and Usefulness of the Construct of Moral Injury in War Veterans
It is widely recognized that, along with physical and psychological injuries, war profoundly affects veterans spiritually and morally. However, research about the link between combat and changes in...
Relationships among PTSD symptoms, social support, and support source in veterans with chronic PTSD.
Initial levels of perceived support and stressors did not predict the course of chronic PTSD symptoms, and more severe PTSD symptoms at Time 1 predicted greater erosion in perceived support from nonveteran friends, but not from relatives.
Initial psychometric evaluation of the Moral Injury Questionnaire--Military version.
Preliminary evidence of the validity - including factorial, concurrent, and incremental - and clinical utility of the MIQ-M for further applications in clinical and research contexts is provided.
Six- and ten-item indexes of psychological distress based on the Symptom Checklist-90.
Development of 6- and 10-item indexes of psychological distress based on the Symptom Checklist-90 (SCL-90) are described, indicating the concise, easily administered indexes are valid indicators of Psychological distress.
Moral Injury Themes in Combat Veterans’ Narrative Responses From the National Vietnam Veterans’ Readjustment Study:
Examination of National Vietnam Veterans’ Readjustment Study veterans’ narrative responses to questions about the lingering effects of their combat participation for themes consistent with moral injury confirmed key experiences involving civilian deaths and betrayal as themes among NVVRS participants’ responses about their troublesome combat experiences.
Development and evaluation of the Expressions of Moral Injury Scale-Military Version.
The EMIS-M provides a face valid, psychometrically validated tool for assessing expressions of apparent MI subtypes in research and clinical settings and supports innovation for clinicians to tailor evidence-based treatments and/or develop novel approaches for addressing MI in their work.
Sixand Ten-Item Indexes of Psychological Distress Based on the Symptom Checist-90
Clinicians, provider organizations, and researchers need simple and valid measures to monitor mental health treatment outcomes. This article describes development of 6and 10-item indexes of
The Role of Moral Emotions in Military Trauma: Implications for the Study and Treatment of Moral Injury
Moral injury, a term coined to represent the potential negative outcomes following transgression of deeply held moral values and beliefs, has recently gained increased recognition as a major concern
Cannabis use among military veterans after residential treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder.
Results demonstrated that lower levels of change in PCL-M scores between treatment intake and discharge were significantly predictive of greater frequency of cannabis use at 4-month follow-up (p < .05), even after accounting for the effects of length of treatment stay and frequency of Cannabis use during the 2 months before treatment intake.